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19th-Century Political Conspiracy Theories That Are Beyond Weird


Far out political conspiracy theories have been a thing since well before the internet – and some of them are weirder than anything you'd hear today. Here are some of the weirdest conspiracy theories in 19th-century American politics.

#Politics #History #Conspiracy

Blame the Illuminati | 0:00
The Catholics are coming | 1:21
Know Nothing know-it-alls | 2:34
The cult of slaveowners | 3:32
Abolitionists can be paranoid, too | 4:40
Secessionists | 5:41
Rebellions and fear mongering | 6:55
Booth's foreign backers? | 8:04
Manipulating the president | 9:22
The Chinese conspiracy | 10:09

Voiceover by: Tim Bensch

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