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INCOMING @2:30p ET / 1:30p CT | LIVE with Mike Huckabee

mike huckabee

Mike Huckabee reacts to Democrats ATTACKING Chapel Hart. You won't believe this! Don't miss our LIVE with Mike Q&A and discussion!
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0:00 Welcome and Pre-Show Poll
04:20 Comment of the Week and Quote of the Day
05:50 Leftist Rage Toward Chapel Hart for Appearing on Huckabee
14:15 Joe Biden Cocaine Speech with Hunter Biden Cocaine Video
15:31 John Kennedy Re-election Video
16:45 Stacy Abrams Doesn't Know When a Pregnancy Starts
19:17 J.D. Vance Owns Ohio Debate Against Tim Ryan
21:37 Taking Questions from the Live Chat
24:12 Members of the Left Who Aren't Left Enough
25:37 Why Does Oakland, CA look like a War Zone?
27:58 Taking Questions from the Live Chat
30:25 Sect. Janet Yellen and Karine Jean-Pierre Says Things are Going Great
32:47 Taking Questions from the Live Chat and Bonus Video Reaction

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