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INCOMING: LIVE with Mike @2:30p Eastern / 1:30p Central | Huckabee

brittany griner in russia reaction

On LIVE with Mike, Mike Huckabee reacts to Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout who was swapped Thursday for WNBA star Brittney Griner. He was also known as the "Merchant of Death." Did Biden lie about this? Who REALLY is Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout? Find out all the details now!
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00:15 Welcome
01:52 Pre-Show Poll
03:12 Top Comment of the Week
03:38 Question of the Day
04:02 Discussion of Twitter Releasing the Hunter Biden "Twitter Files" and Media Censorship
08:43 Trading Brittney Griner for Russian Arms Dealer Viktor Bout
14:22 Q&A with the Live with Mike Audience
20:30 Discussion of Biden's Speech on Nanochips
21:32 Michael Knowles Debate with Pro-Abortion Activist
25:21 Discussion of Canadian Veteran Christine Gauthier Being Offered Euthanasia Instead of a Wheelchair Lift
26:41 Mike Huckabee Reacts to TikTok Talking About Men Who Won't Date Trans-Women