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UPDATE: IRS Whistleblowers Bring MORE Evidence Condemning Biden | Breakdown | Huckabee

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Breaking news update! It appears that Joe Biden has been benefiting from Hunter Biden’s business dealings! But appearances can be deceiving. The truth, according to depraved miscreants in the “know,” is that all the millions of dollars of money that have been snuck from Hunter Biden’s pockets to Joe Biden’s are just part of an innocent loan repayment. All kidding aside, Marjorie Taylor-Greene stated bluntly on Tuesday that, “Everybody knows what this is. It is literally the most simple form of money laundering.” Is she correct? Well of course she is, you’d have to have Trump Derangement to say otherwise. But let’s dig into some of the so-called “non-evidence” that the mainstream media is whistling by on this December 7th edition of the Breakdown.

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